Doral College serves a unique and varied population. The following section is intended to define the student types within that population and specify the programs in which each type typically enrolls. 

Dual Enrollment Students

Dual Enrollment students are high school students who are enrolled in college courses for the purpose of earning both high school and college credit. Dual enrollment students typically take all courses from the Associate in Arts program. However, not all students will be degree seeking. DE students may not qualify to take all courses in the program, as specified by their specific status, as follows:

  • Associate in Arts Program/Degree seeking (DE): DE students in the Associate in Arts program have declared their intention to earn the Associate in Arts degree concurrently with the high school diploma, and have no course restrictions.
  • Non-degree seeking Program (DE): DE students in non-degree seeking status do not intend to earn the full degree and have no course restrictions.
    • NDS Restricted enrollment status (DE): DE students in non-degree seeking status do not intend to earn the full degree and are restricted from enrolling in math or science courses at the College until/unless evidence of readiness in mathematics is provided.
    • SLS ONLY: Students in SLS only status meet lower admissions requirements, including a minimum 2.5 GPA (3.0 for middle school students), and may not have passing test scores. Students in this status may only enroll in SLS 1101: College Success  unless/until they meet the general admissions requirements.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students have already graduated high school and are enrolled with the college for the purpose of meeting their personal academic goals. These students may be degree or non-degree seeking as described below.  Undergraduate students are typically self-pay.

Guest Students

This program allows undergraduate students to enroll as non-degree seeking for the purpose of transferring credits back to another institution in which they are enrolled in a degree program. This option is recommended for students who are enrolled at a Florida public college or university, a DEAC accredited college or university, or other institution with which Doral College has partnered. Eligible students may also take courses from the College’s Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with ESOL and Reading Endorsement program for the purpose of state certification.

Associate in Arts Students

The Associate in Arts degree provides students a solid foundation in the core areas of English, mathematics, natural science, social science, history and humanities, with opportunities to explore areas of interest through elective offerings. This degree is a great choice for students who wish to continue to the DC Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, or intend to transfer to a Florida public college or university.

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with ESOL and Reading Endorsement Students

This new program takes a hands-on approach to learning about teaching by embedding numerous opportunities for practical learning throughout the curriculum. Enrollment for this program is intended to function in a cohort model where students move through the curriculum by meeting pre-set milestones. The program is approved for state licensure.

International Students

International dual enrollment students who are concurrently enrolled in an American high school must meet the same requirements as those expected of their domestic counterparts, please visit our International Students page for more information. 

International undergraduate students interested in applying to the College’s Guest Student, Associate in Arts, or Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education program must meet the admissions requirements for those programs as stated.

Additionally, international students who do not have an American high school diploma or  a high school diploma completed at an accredited/recognized high school (where the medium of instruction is English) must also provide evidence of English proficiency on an approved ESL exam.

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