A Word From President Douglas Rodriguez to the Class of 2020

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Dear Graduates,

It was not supposed to end this way. We know this was not what you expected, or what you deserve. We know you’ve missed out on many of the iconic moments nearly every graduate gets, just by the virtue of being a graduate. Crossing the stage at graduation. Turning your tassel. These are things you looked forward to for years. We know it feels to unfair to have your expectations of them so radically altered.

But we also know this: You are better for it. You are stronger. You are more resilient. You know what it is to have the world suddenly turned on its head and still persevere. You are the class that led the way in an educational revolution that rippled across so many schools, shattering expectations, when students seemingly seamlessly stepped out of their classrooms and into the world of virtual learning. We have seen you online, preparing for your AP exams, celebrating your chosen colleges, setting the example for your classmates. Your leadership has been inspiring.

And while all 2020 graduates at any level are to be commended for succeeding in the most difficult of circumstances, your accomplishments are unique—having fulfilled the responsibilities of two academic tracks, two schools. Like the Doral College classes before you, you will earn your Associate in Arts degrees before your high school diplomas. During a pandemic that brought the world to a halt, your drive and commitment would not be abated—how many people can say that?

Many of you are graduating at the top of your both your high school and college classes, going on to some of the most prestigious institutions in the country, having earned thousands of dollars in scholarship awards. While the celebrations of those feats look differently than we all expected—they do not diminish them. If anything, your accomplishments are only amplified by the circumstances in which they are marked.

As our seventh graduating class, you join a growing group of now over 360 talented young individuals actively making a difference in a variety of industries. DC alumni across the country are excelling in medical school, beginning promising careers as attorneys, and doing innovative work at companies like Google and NASA. They are leaders on their campuses and in their communities, and we could not be more proud to have been part of their journeys. Please know that now, the same applies to you. We have no doubt you too will excel at the next level and are

grateful you have chosen DC as a foundation in your education. If the resilience you have shown in the past few months is any indication of what is to come, we cannot wait to see what the Class of 2020 has in store for the future.

Congratulations on this impressive accomplishment.

Best Wishes,

President Douglas Rodriguez