History of the College

Our Beginning

Doral College is a private non-profit institution of higher learning based in Doral, Florida. 

Since inception, Doral College has sought to make early college more accessible to minority high school students in South Florida. The College seeks to completely integrate the high school experience of qualified students by allowing them to earn Associate in Arts degrees in conjunction with their high school diplomas. This vision was made possible when Doral College received its initial license to operate from the Commission for Independent Education (CIE) in the State of Florida in 2011.

The College opened on the campus of Doral Academy Charter High School to fulfill its mission of permitting students to make a seamless transition to college while still attending high school. The College entered into an agreement with the high school to provide college services through its Associate in Arts Degree Program. Students began to attend Doral College classes concurrently with their high school classes, working simultaneously toward both their high school diplomas and AA degrees through three instructional delivery models: face to face, online, and hybrid.

This program provides students with the critical thinking skills necessary to adapt to the career challenges of the 21st century. Its success is enhanced by its location within the nurturing environment of the students’ current school community and by the close, personalized attention given to the students.

Expanding access

To provide increased access to students of other high schools in settings comfortable to them, Doral College has also offered courses to students at other high-performing charter schools including Mater Academy Charter High School, Pinecrest Preparatory High School; Mater Academy Lakes High School; Sports Leadership and Management Academy Charter High School, Somerset Academy Silver Palms, International Studies Charter High School, and others.

A growing emphasis on distance learning

As enrollment has grown, and student and faculty needs evolved, so has the College’s emphasis on use of technology. Over 70% of the College’s student enrollments during the Fall and Spring semesters in the 2015-2016 academic year were taken online, and 75% of its academic program is offered online. In response, the College has worked diligently to foster a digital learning ecosystem that connects faculty, staff, and students to enhance learning, collaboration, and community.  The College has adopted and promoted modern learning tools and platforms that ensure digital connectivity and facilitate access to learning.

Four graduating classes

In 2014, the College graduated its first class of 22 students with Associate in Arts degrees. The second graduating class followed in 2015 with 11 students, and the third with 29. Most recently, the College graduated its 2017 class with 50 students. All graduates have gone on to attend four-year institutions, many of which are considered some of the most prestigious in the country. Currently, Doral College graduates attend schools including Harvard University, the University of Chicago, New York University, Cornell University, the University of Florida, the University of Miami, and many others.

Administration and Location

The first president of Doral College, who served from its inception until July of 2015, was Anitere Flores. The current president is Douglas Rodriguez.

Doral College is located in the city of Doral within Miami-Dade County at 11100 N.W. 27th St., Doral, FL 33172. The College is located on the 11-acre campus of Doral Academy Charter High School in building C, which houses its science labs, lecture halls, campus library, computer labs, and administrative offices. However, a new facility, Doral Hall, is scheduled to open in 2018 on the same campus, which will house the College’s classrooms, labs, and administrative offices.


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