Graduate Awards Recipients

The following awards are given each year at the College’s commencement ceremony.

Academic Excellence Award

The Academic Excellence Award is awarded to students who have an exemplary academic record with the college.

Previous Recipients:

Sofia Vignolo, 2014
Miranda Murillo, 2014
Jeyleani M. Sanchez, 2016
Kristyanne Rose Cabrera, 2017
Karla Viera, 2018
Karen Viera, 2018

The Capstone Award

The Capstone Award honors students who complete exemplary interdisciplinary Capstone projects.

Previous Recipients:

Mateo Vergara, 2014
Roger De Jesus Rojas, 2014
Luisa Posada, 2015
Grethell Martinez, 2016
Dariana Martinez, 2016
Andy Santiago, 2017
Antony Robreno, 2017
Carlos Alberto Valdes, 2017
Nia Longsworth, 2018
Abel Gonzalez, 2018
Eimy CedeƱo, 2018

Excellence in Service Award

The Excellence in Service Award is given to those who truly embody the spirit
of service to others and commitment to the Doral College mission.

Previous Recipients:

Miranda Ann Murillo, 2015
Juan C. Infante, 2015
Gina B. Fonseca, 2016
Chantal Fonticoba, 2016
Kristen Diaz, 2017
Antonella Cipriani, 2018
Sofia Vila, 2018
Daniel Iglesias, 2018


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