Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

Mission and Vision


Doral College encourages the pursuit of scholarly achievement by providing students the opportunity to earn an Associate in Arts degree while attending high school. The College provides a continuously improving academic program with a highly capableĀ and innovative instructional staff. Doral College offers excellent support services and resources and collaborates with its affiliated community of high performing public charter schools to meet the needs of its unique student population.


Doral College will create within the nurturing environment of the local community an innovative path to a high quality education that encourages students to become self-reliant life-long learners.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1

Provide a high quality academic program for achievement of an Associate in Arts Degree.

Strategic Objective 1.1 – Recruit and retrain highly qualified faculty and staff.

Strategic Objective 1.2 – Provide students a variety of courses through varying methods of delivery, including face-to-face, online and hybrid.

Strategic Objective 1.3 – Promote and assess student learning and use the results to improve outcomes.

Strategic Objective 1.4 – Offer library services and resources that meet the needs of the academic program and support students in achieving academic success.

Goal 2

Develop a systematic planning and assessment process that integrates technological, financial and operational functions in support of the College mission.

Strategic Objective 2.2
Foster a digital learning ecosystem that connects faculty, staff, and students to enhance learning, collaboration, and community.

Strategic Objective 2.3
Ensure a adequate financial liquidity and sufficient revenue sources to support operations.

Strategic Objects 2.4
Engage in collaborative, systematic planning and assessment for continuous institutional improvement.

Goal 3

Implement academic and student support initiatives that promote academic success and meet the needs of the student population.

Strategic Objective 3.1
Encourage early college involvement through effective recruitment, admissions, and orientation services which support the college’s mission and standards.

Strategic Objective 3.2
Provide extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and events which enhance the educational experience.

Strategic Object 3.3
Ensure access to academic and student support services and programs to improve retention and completion rates.

Strategic Objects 3.4
Assist students with post-graduation plans including transition to other post-secondary institutions.

Goal 4

Build relationships and promote collaboration with our community of stakeholders in support of the College mission.

Strategic Objective 4.1
Collaborate with the affiliated community of charter high schools to provide services that promote college success.

Strategic Objective 4.2
Cultivate a professional learning community with communication, collaboration, and professional development for faculty, staff and affiliated partners.

Strategic Objective 4.3
Develop mutually beneficial agreements with local colleges and entities in support of the College mission

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