Academic Program


Program of Study

Doral College’s Associate in Arts academic program is designed to furnish students a foundational set of learning skills as well as provide broad-based knowledge in multiple disciplines. Both of these aims are necessary for success in future educational endeavors, professional careers, and lifelong learning. Doral College students are expected to demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, to think critically, and to access and use information from multiple sources. The general education program requires students to increase and widen their base of knowledge and understanding by taking courses from a wide range of disciplines including mathematics, science, English, humanities, and the social sciences. In addition, students can take elective courses depending on their future majors or interests.

Enhancing this curriculum is the recognition of the interconnectedness of learning, and Doral College stresses an interdisciplinary approach. Every graduate of the program is required to complete a Capstone course that entails an interdisciplinary study of a pre-selected topic or issue in order to truly contextualize learning. With faculty being encouraged to include interdisciplinary elements in their classes, the student is exposed to the proposition that education is best achieved through a focused integration of perspectives. The end result will be a student who is an independent thinker, accustomed to an interdisciplinary approach with a broader exposure to knowledge, as opposed to a narrow spe-cialist with command of a single discipline.

Reflecting this philosophy, Doral College has adopted the following program outcomes for its Associate in Arts degree program:

Program Outcomes

1. The student will demonstrate effective reading, writing, and speaking skills.

2. The student will apply reflection, analysis, synthesis, logical reasoning, and evaluation to for-mulate judgments, reach decisions, and solve problems.

3. The student will demonstrate understanding of human behavior, institutions, and culture from social science and humanities perspectives.

4. The student will understand and apply mathematical and scientific principles and methods.

5. The student will find, evaluate, organize, and use information accurately and effectively.

6. The student will participate in a project that incorporates the liberal arts curriculum in order to demonstrate the application and value of an interdisciplinary educational approach.

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