Admissions Requirements

Application Policies and Procedures

The College’s maintains a fully electronic admissions process. Once an application is processed, the applicant will be informed of the decision in writing and if offered admission, will be provided information on next steps for registration and advising.

When a student is enrolled at Doral College and taking classes, all records and transcripts will be kept on file indefinitely. Should a student be offered admission but does not register, or a student be denied admission, student records received will be kept for a minimum of one year.


Doral College offers a rigorous academic program designed to provide the high school student a chance to accelerate his/her collegiate studies. The following requirements apply:

General Requirements

  1. Attend a high school with which the College holds an Educational Services Agreement.
  2. Hold an unweighted GPA* of 3.0 or above;
  3. Be recommended for the program by his or her high school principal/counselor; and
  4. Provide evidence of college readiness in all areas, as noted in the “College Readiness Tests and Scores” section below.
  5. Complete the application process, including signing an enrollment agreement.

*Students in grades 6-9 who do not yet have a GPA on file may be considered for admission if they have completed at least one high school level course with a “B” average. These students must still meet all other requirements as specified.

College Readiness Tests and Scores

The following chart indicates all eligible tests which may be used to provide evidence of college readiness and the scores required for each:







Included in reading














ACCUPLACER Classic (prior to Summer 2020)




ACCUPLACER Next Gen (Summer 2020 and thereon)




Should a student have taken more than one of the eligible tests listed, the College will consider all scores when making the student’s admissions decision. For example, if a student submits qualifying scores from the ACT for Reading and Writing and a qualifying score from the PERT for Mathematics, the student would be admitted to the College, assuming all other requirements have been met.

Non-Degree Seeking Restricted Enrollment

Applicants who can provide evidence of college readiness in reading and writing, but not mathematics, will be accepted, but will not be permitted to enroll in mathematics or sciences courses.

Should an applicant apply as degree seeking and meet all requirements except college readiness in mathematics, he/she will be accepted as a non-degree restricted enrollment student and will remain in that status until evidence of college readiness in mathematics is provided.


In order to expand access to interested students, Doral College provides an option which allows students who do not qualify for regular admission to enroll in SLS 1101: College Success.

Students who wish to utilize this option must:
1. Hold an unweighted GPA of 2.5* or above; and
2. Have sat for/attempted at least one of the college readiness tests accepted by the College for admission (passing scores not required).

*Accelerated middle school students who have already taken high school courses may also be considered for this status with the equivalent of a 3.0 GPA or above and the recommendation of the school principal/counselor.

Students admitted to the College under the SLS ONLY option will not be permitted to enroll in any other courses unless/until passing test scores are submitted.

Additional Details

Students will still be required to apply for admission online and provide an Enrollment Agreement in order to enroll. Official transcripts and qualifying test scores may be submitted on behalf of a student by his or her affiliated school.

The cost per credit is paid by the affiliated school upon execution of an Educational Services Agreement with Doral College. 

In the case where a student who is on track to graduate with an Associate in Arts degree through dual enrollment graduates from high school before completing the degree, he/she will be afforded the opportunity to enroll for the summer term following high school graduation in order to complete outstanding requirements, and will be covered under the Educational Services Agreement held between the College and the student’s affiliated high school. Please note: this provision applies only to students who were scheduled to graduate as per an approved Individual Academic Plan and whose continued enrollment is approved by the Chief Student Affairs Officer.

As of Spring 2020, Doral College is pleased to extend its quality educational offerings to high school graduates at affordable self-pay rates. Furthermore, the college’s newly established Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree with endorsements in Reading and ESOL marks a new chapter in the College’s development and ability to serve this population–offering a supportive, low cost option that leads to licensure.

Guest Student Program

Doral College’s Guest Student Program allows students to enroll as non-degree seeking for the purpose of transferring credits back to another institution in which they are enrolled in a degree program. This program is recommended for students who are enrolled at a Florida public college or university, a DEAC accredited college or university, or other institution with which Doral College has partnered.

General Requirements

1. Hold at minimum, a standard high school diploma; and
2. Complete the application process, including signing an enrollment agreement.

Associate in Arts Program

Our Associate in Arts degree is a great choice for dual enrollment and post-secondary students alike. Our Associate in Arts program provides students a solid foundation in the core areas of English, mathematics, natural science, social science, history and humanities, with opportunities to explore areas of interest through elective offerings. Student are prepared to communicate effectively, to think critically, and to access and use information from multiple sources. The Associate in Arts is a great choice for students who wish to continue to the DC Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, or intend to transfer to a Florida public college or university.

General Requirements

1. Hold at minimum, a standard high school diploma; and
2. Complete the application process, including signing an enrollment agreement.

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with endorsements in ESOL and Reading

Our new BSED program takes a hands-on approach to learning about teaching by embedding numerous opportunities for practical learning throughout the curriculum. Enrollment for this program is intended to function in a cohort model where students move through the curriculum by meeting pre-set milestones. For that reason, full-time enrollment of 12 credits in the Fall and Spring terms, with six-credits in the Summer is expected. Support is provided throughout, with advising checkpoints after every term.

General Requirements

1. Hold an AA degree from Doral College or another nationally or regionally accredited institution OR 60 credit hours of lower division coursework (36 general education and 24 electives courses); minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher preferred;

2. Have completed of the following lower division requirements:

  • Foreign language
  • EDF 2005: Introduction to Education
  • EME 2040: Introduction to Educational Technology or acceptable Substitute
  • EDP 2002 Education Psychology or acceptable substitute
    • Minimum grade of “C” in prerequisite courses required

2. Complete the application process, including signing an enrollment agreement.

Doral College administers the ACCUPLACER** to interested students who do not otherwise hold qualifying scores.

Students should expect to take the following sections of the ACCUPLACER test:

  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics 
  • Reading
  • English

ACCUPLACER testing will be available by appointment on the Doral College campus. Additionally, the College may provide a proctor to administer ACCUPLACER at affiliate schools wishing to test student groups of 10 or more.

For more information regarding ACCUPLACER testing, or to schedule students to test, please contact the student affairs help desk.

In expanding post-secondary students, Doral College maintains the same basic tenets that made its dual enrollment model so successful–access and flexibility.  For this reason, the College offers courses at a highly competitive rate with discounts for former dual enrollment students and partners. Coursework is delivered online with necessary resources embedded into the delivery platform, further minimizing costs.


Cost per Credit

Associate in Arts Program/Lower Division Tuition


Associate in Arts Program/Lower Division Tuition —Affiliate Rate


Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Tuition


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