Applying to Doral College – New Students

Completing the Online Application

To get started with DC, begin your application here. Please use your legal name at it appears on your social security card or passport.

If you previously created an account, but did not complete the application, do not create another account. Instead, login to your existing account and submit an application there. If you are unsure about your status, please email and we will verify it for you.

Once you have created your account, complete the application use completely and accurately as possible. If you are a dual enrollment student, select your high school under “Organization.” If you are not a dual enrollment student, please select “Post-secondary Campus.”

For additional assistance, use these step-by-step instructions:

Dual Enrollment Application Instructions

Guest Student Application Instructions

Doral College’s student information system provides applicants with feedback at every stage of the application process. Applicants are electronically notified when they create an account, submit an application, and have an admissions decision. Should more information be needed to process an application, DC staff will contact an applicant directly to correct the problem.

Submitting Required Documentation

After your application is complete, you must submit the required documentation. If you are a dual enrollment student, your high school transcripts and college readiness test scores may be submitted by your high school on your behalf, but it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your documents are received. If you are a guest student, please submit official transcripts by mail.

Further, all applicants are required to submit a signed Enrollment Agreement prior to application processing. Select the correct Enrollment Agreement below:

Enrollment Agreement–Dual Enrollment

Enrollment Agreement–Guest Student

Guest Student applicants must also complete and submit an Academic Background Information form.

Required documents may be uploaded directly through the application portal.

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