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Doral College Administration

Doral College is a private non-profit institution governed by a Board of Trustees. The college is led by President Douglas Rodriguez in conjunction with an administrative team responsible for managing institutional operations and the academic program through administrative, and academic and student support units. The four administrative divisions include Office of the President, Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Operations, and Division of Student Affairs.

The Office of the President has administrative responsibility for financial management, general counsel, and general college oversight. It is led by President Douglas Rodriguez and includes General Counsel Ryan Kairalla.

The Office of the President advances the College’s mission by initiating and monitoring the strategic planning process and overseeing the operational planning process. The Office of the President reports to the Board of Trustees and promotes communication within the College community. The Office of the President supervises all financial management services and legal affairs.

The General Counsel advances the College’s mission by providing legal advice and representation on institutional matters, creating and maintaining institutional policies and procedures, reviewing and endorsing institutional contracts, and supporting the effective implementation of a continuous cycle of institutional improvement.


The Office of the President sponsors three College-wide Standing Committees:

  • Accreditation Team
  • Affiliate Advisory Coalition
  • Strategic Planning Committee

The Academic Affairs division is led by Chief Academic Officer Guillermo Rivera, who has administrative responsibility for all aspects of the academic program, learning resources, information technology, and institutional effectiveness. Academic Affairs is responsible for attaining and maintaining accreditation.

Academic Affairs advances the College’s mission by providing the leadership and support necessary to ensure the integrity, excellence, and effectiveness of the academic program, including curriculum development and the hiring and supervision of full-time and adjunct instructors, support for faculty teaching and scholarship, advocating for faculty and the academic program within the College community, and compliance with external regulatory agencies as required. Doral College faculty are skilled mentors whose passion for their disciplines is illustrated in their personalized mentoring of students in the rigorous Capstone course which culminates in the production of the inter-disciplinary Capstone project.

Academic Affairs includes Learning Resources and Information Technology in its provision of excellent library collections and services and collaborative technological support for faculty, staff, and students. The College Librarian is an integral part of the digital learning ecosystem and maintains the College’s research databases.

Institutional Effectiveness advances the College’s mission by promoting and supporting ongoing, integrated research based planning, decision making, and evaluation processes. The Director of Institutional Effectiveness works with all areas of the College including academic programs and administrative and academic student support services regarding institutional effectiveness efforts and compliance with accreditation criteria.

The Division of Academic Affairs also sponsors the Advisory Council, which advises the College on its academic program.


The Division of Academic Affairs sponsors four College-wide Standing Committees:

  • Academic Affairs Committee
  • Online Learning Committee
  • Institutional Planning Committee (IPC); this committee also acts as the Institutional Review Board.

The Division of Academic Affairs also sponsors the Advisory Council, which advises the College on its academic program.

The Operations division is responsible for human resources, the physical plant, and maintenance of physical computer hardware and networks. Since the College’s lease arrangement includes security, parking, landscaping, office and class room space, the role is limited to furniture, equipment, and management of relations with the landlord. The Operations division is headed by Chief Operating Officer Manny Diaz, Jr.

The Operations division advances the College’s mission by providing excellent services in physical infrastructure and human resources, delivering quality service, ensuring equitable employment practices, offering professional development, and fostering a work environment that attracts and inspires excellence. They sponsor the Human and Physical Resources Committee.

The Division of Operations sponsors one College-wide Standing Committee:
• Human and Physical Resources Committee

The Office of Student Affairs is led by Chief Student Affairs Officer Cristina Guerra Romero and is responsible for all aspects of admissions, registration, advising, and academic support.

Student Affairs advances the College’s mission by providing excellent services in student advisement and counseling, academic support, admissions and enrollment processes, and student activity programs.

The Division of Student Affairs sponsors two College-wide Standing Committees:
• Academic and Student Support Committee
• Admissions Committee

Douglas Rodriguez

Douglas Rodriguez President


Guillermo Rivera

Guillermo Rivera Chief Academic Officer

Andrea Fuentes

Andrea Fuentes Director of Online Learning


Kristi Bordelon

Kristi Bordelon Director of Institutional Effectiveness


Natalie Pantoja

Natalie Pantoja Assistant Registrar

Lisset Yanes

Lisset Yanes Administrative Assistant to the President and HR

Scott Wacholtz

Scott Wacholtz Faculty Chair


Jonele Estomba

Jonele Estomba Director of Advising and Student Services


Manny Diaz

Manny Diaz Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Kairalla

Ryan Kairalla General Counsel

Cristina Guerra Romero

Cristina Guerra Romero Chief Student Affairs Officer

Rocio Diaz

Rocio Diaz Administrative Assistant / Social Media Coordinator

Lourdes Isla

Lourdes Isla Dean of Bachelors in Education Program

Mary O’Dell

Mary O’Dell Librarian

Bert Whitaker

Bert Whitaker Academic Officer


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