Covid-19: Help

Doral College is committed to supporting its students throughout this difficult time. Please refer to the information below for basic help accessing your courses and College services as we transition to a fully online environment.

To assist you with distance learning, we will be having a live Zoom meeting each Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. with Mary O’Dell, Doral College’s librarian. This is an opportunity for you to communicate with Ms. O’Dell should you need any assistance with library services. She is available to help you research and find information in LIRN, our online library database, or to guide you with other researching and library questions you might have.

For security purposes, students and instructors must identify themselves when they attend the meeting by providing their name, course, school, an email or phone number to contact and follow up if necessary. All meetings will be recorded.

Please feel free to join the Zoom Personal Meeting Room chat (link located in Schoology) each Tuesday and Thursday in April, or contact Mary O’Dell for a one-on-one appointment via her email:

You can get help from our Help Desks listed below

Student Affairs – (registration, advising, grades, student issues)

Technical Support – Support (technical help, issues logging in)

Library Support – (library, learning resource requests)

Meet with an Adviser – (You can schedule a phone call with an Adviser)

Get assistance for any subject area through Smarthinking, an extensive online tutoring service available to all enrolled students, free of charge. Access Smarthinking through any current course in Schoology.

Courses can be accessed through Schoology, where you can find our library and get tutoring through Smarthinking.  You can enter Schoology in three ways using the new MyDoral Links page here.

1.    Through Maestro:

Log in to the account you created to apply to the College. Navigate to Academic Info on the left-hand menu–>Current Courses–>LMS Credentials–>Schoology.

2.    Though Schoology:

Log in using the same credentials from your Maestro account (First Initial and Last Name plus 4 digits Flastname1234 and the password that you set when you first applied). If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at (305) 463-7210 or via our help desk by emailing us at

2.    Though your Google account:

If you haven’t set up your account yet, there are instructions below under “Logging into DCmail.” You can use the following link to go to your Google app dashboard and click on the Schoology app to sign directly into Schoology. Remember, in order for this to work, you will need to be signed into your Google account.

Once you have logged in and are at the dashboard, simply (1) Type in the search bar to look for the Schoology app, or (2) Click on the Schoology App icon.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us our help desk by emailing us at

Your homepage is the first place you’ll land every time you log in to Schoology. It briefs you on activity in your school, courses, and groups. It also keeps you organized by showing important upcoming events and assignments.

Recent Activity

By default, you land on the Recent Activity feed when you log in. This feed shows all comments and updates pertaining to your courses and groups. To filter your feed to view only Updates, Polls, or Blog posts, click the Most Recent link in the top corner, and select a filtering option. 


The Upcoming area on the right side of your homepage displays events, assignments, tests/quizzes, and discussions with a due date. Hovering over each item displays the course or group associated with the item.

You may access your personal Calendar by clicking the Calendar link in the upper-right of Upcoming. For more information about your personal calendar, review the Calendar section below.

Grades and Attendance

Select the Grades/Attendance tab in the left menu of your homepage to see a breakdown of your grades and attendance for each course. Click a specific course to view each graded item, your grade, the max points, and any comments from the instructor.

You may also download a Student Report by clicking the button in the top right of the page. 


The calendar located on the left menu of your homepage is an aggregate of personal, school, group, and course items. The calendar is a great way to keep track of your workload and stay up-to-date with past and upcoming items.

Create personal events

You can add personal events to your calendar from your personal calendar, located on the left column of the homepage. If you’re an administrator or teacher of a school, course, or group, you can create events for each of these areas by clicking into a particular school, course or group.

To create an event, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Calendar tab in the left column of your homepage.
  2. Click the date to which you’d like to add the event.
  3. Fill out the Event form.
  4. Choose an RSVP option (depending on the settings in place at your school, this option may not be available to you).
    • Disabled—Requires no RSVP. This event will only be viewed by you.
    • Only Invitees Can RSVP—Event remains personal until you invite people you’re connected with.
    • Anyone Can RSVP—Make the event public (available to anyone).
    • Attach a File, Link, or Resource (optional).
    • Enable Comments at the bottom left (optional).
  5. Click Create to complete.

Edit an event

To modify an existing event, follow these steps:

  1. Click the event you’d like to modify.
  2. Click the Edit Item button.
  3. Once you’ve finishing editing your event, click Save Changes.

Delete an event

To delete an event, follow these steps:

  1. Click the event you’d like to delete.
  2. Click the View Item button.
  3. Click the gear to the right of the event profile.
  4. Select Delete to remove the event.

Note: If you choose to create an Event with an invitation from your homepage, you must invite everyone manually. 


Depending on the settings in place at your school, you may be able to receive messages from teachers at your school, and send messages to teachers at your school.

Check New Messages

When you have a new message in your inbox, the Messages icon on the top menu displays an updated number. You’ll also see a number next to the Messages area on the left menu of your homepage.

  1. Navigate to your Messages area by clicking on the icon on the top menu, or by clicking on the Messages area on the left menu of your homepage.
  2. Click the message you’d like to read. New messages are highlighted in blue.
  3. To reply to a message, enter a comment in the Message area, and click Send.

Check Sent Messages

  1. Navigate to your Messages area by clicking on the icon on the top menu, or by clicking on the Messages area on the left menu of your homepage.
  2. Click the Sent Messages tab.
  3. To read a message, click on a message you’ve sent in the past.
  4. To send a message, click on the +New Message button.
  5. Fill out the form, and click Send to complete.

Note: A recipient name will automatically populate when you enter a teacher’s name into the To field. Please wait for the auto-population. If you’re not able to send a message to peers or certain users, please talk to your teacher for further advice.

Since the creation of Doral College email accounts for students, Schoology has been updated to contain your DCmail. So you will no longer be able to log in using your personal email account.

You can still log in using  your username and password that you originally received when you applied. If you know your username and password or have the original email, you can log in to with those credentials.

If you don’t know your username or password then you can go to and click on “Forgot Password” in order to get an email with instructions for logging in.

If neither of those options work for you then you can send an email with the following information to

  • Full Name
  • Preferred email
  • Username or Student ID
  • Birth date

Doral College Student Email

All Doral College students are assigned an email address through Google. You are expected to use and frequently check this account to ensure that you stay up to date on all Doral College correspondence. Instructor emails and other information related to your studies with DC, such as deadlines and announcements, will be sent to this account.

When you were accepted to the college, you should have received a welcome email from that contained information regarding logging in to the account, including your actual DCmail address. If you have not already begun using your DCmail account, it is vital that you set up and begin using your account immediately. Additionally, by using your Google account, you can sign in directly to Schoology via the Google app menu or at

Your DCmail account through Google also gives you access to the full GSuite of services, including Google Drive for storage, Docs, Sheets, and Calendar. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these services at your convenience as they can be useful in managing your studies.

Instructions for setting up your Doral College email:

Your DCmail is your

We recommend setting up your email in an incognito web browser window at

After entering your email and the temporary password “@DoralCollege2020”, you will be redirected to a new page and asked to create a new password.

When creating or resetting your password it is important to keep in mind the following minimum complexity requirements:

  1. Password must not contain the user’s account name or more than two consecutive characters from the user’s full name.
  2. Password must be eight or more characters long
  3. Password must contain characters from three of the following four categories:
    • Uppercase characters A-Z (Latin alphabet)
    • Lowercase characters a-z (Latin alphabet)
    • Digits 0-9
    • Special characters (!, $, #, %, etc.)

Should you have any trouble logging in to your DCmail or accessing any of the GSuite services, please contact

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