DC hosts first Applied Ethics Championship

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This past Saturday, December 7th, marked the first-ever Doral College Applied Ethics Championship, held at Doral Hall. Thirteen students in grades 9-12 participated in the college-sponsored event, organized by a group of DC students and alumni that included Kesia Oliveros, Emily Gutierrez, Stephanie Martinez, and Nathalia Compres.

Participation in the Applied Ethics Championship (AEC) required weeks of planning and research, as students prepared to discuss a set of predefined cases. Participants were asked to confront challenging questions such as, are parents morally obligated to vaccinate their children, and do countries have a duty to help control climate change?

The competition was judged by volunteers from the College’s administration, faculty, and extended community, who devoted their Saturday to watching an amazing group of students continue to grow.

After five exciting rounds, the all-female Team E emerged victorious, as Junior Aisleen Turner, and freshmen Miriam Trujillo and Ximena Carnillo took home first place at the first ever Doral College Applied Ethics Championship. Participants look forward to next year, and improving upon the success of this year’s competition.

Ethics and inquiry have been at the heart of the College’s co- and extra-curricular offerings since it’s inception. In past years, student teams have competed in the National Bioethics Competition, the International Business Ethics Case Competition, and the International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition.

Photo Creds: Marin Hodge