Doral College now Participates in Bright Futures Scholarship

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We are happy to announce that Doral College was recently approved for participation in the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. This program provides the Florida Academic Scholar award (FAS) and the Florida Medallion Scholar award (FMS) to eligible students, who can now use those funds to study at DC, in either its AA or BSED degree programs. The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program is a lottery-funded scholarship program that rewards any Florida high school graduate who merits recognition of high academic achievement, as determined by scholarship criteria.

Requirements for the FAS award include a minimum high school GPA pf 3.5, an SAT score of 1290 or ACT score of 29, and 100 service hours. Requirements for the FMS include a minimum high school GPA of a 3.00, SAT score of 1170 or ACT score of 26, and 75 service hours. To earn the scholarship, applicants must apply in their last year in high school prior to graduation. Awardees must then enroll in a degree program, certificate program or applied technology program at an eligible Florida public or private postsecondary education institution.

For more information, visit the Bright Futures Website.