Using Schoology

Schoology is the College’s LMS (Learning Management System). It is used for all Face-to-Face, Hybrid, and Online Courses. All instructors are expected to keep grades updated in Schoology, on a weekly basis, and use Schoology for materials even for F2F courses. Of course, online courses use Schoology to upload assignments, communicate, and access course materials.

Quick Start Guide (opens in Schoology)

Your faculty orientation course (in Schoology) also contains a wealth of information.

Copying Course Content

Linking to a Library Article in Schoology

Using Turnitin

Using Smarthinking (faculty referral)

Now faculty can see student results of using Smarthinking. Here’s how…
Referral Tool Overview Video
 (54 sec)Referral Tool How-to Video

Entering Final Grades

Final grades are entered in Maestro. Here are some helpful instructions.

Accessing Archived Courses