Find Articles

In order to facilitate research, Doral College Library has made available leading e-journal databases which collect thousands of scholarly journals on a variety of subjects. These resources are available remotely to all current Doral College students, faculty and administrators. For assistance with accessing these resources or for general help with research please contact the library helpdesk.

Library Information and Resources Network (LIRN)

Doral College maintains a sizable collection of Electronic Resources provided through The Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN).

How to Access

Access to the LIRN catalog is available in MyDoral by logging in and selecting the Learning Resources tile located at the bottom of the page. Note that the MyDoral browser plugin WebPass must be installed to be authenticated.

LIRN can also be directly accessed through Schoology. Each course has a direct link available in a folder titled “Learning Resources”.

If you issues accessing Library Resources please email our support at

Browsing LIRN

Querying across vendors using our federated search service, LIRNSearch, which searches across all available materials to provide results.

The default view for resources is the Subject view. This view can be changed view by clicking on one of the other tabs (alphabetical, simple, vendor).

Search Results

The federated search feature displays results that may or may not have full articles available. If the article is available it will display a link to the full text in the search results. If you find a resource that Doral College does not currently have available please contact a librarian at the library helpdesk to see other availability options.

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