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Gina Fonseca

Gina Fonseca Doral Academy of Performing Arts

I am a senior at Doral Performing Arts Academy and have been a student at Doral College since my sophomore year of high school. I am heavily involved in theatre, but still find the time to pursue extracurriculars at Doral College, such as bioethics. In college, I am majoring in acting, but through future experiences I also hope to gain a broader insight on social issues and their solutions. I am a very passionate individual and someone who loves to meet new people and appreciates everyone’s singularity. 
Chantal Fonticoba

Chantal Fonticoba Doral Academy of Performing Arts

Hi! My name is Chantal but people call me Shawn. I am a senior at Doral Performing Arts Academy and have been a heavily involved student in Doral College since my sophomore year of high school. I’m a huge adventure lover and nature junkie. I love being outdoors. You can find me outside doing anything from swamp tromping the Everglades and catching snakes, to diving with sea turtles, to back country camping anywhere in the U.S. But when I’m not outside, you can find me participating in many activities offered at Doral College, such as Bioethics. 
Camilo Lozano

Camilo Lozano Doral Academy Charter High School

I’m Camilo Lozano, and I’m running  for SGA Secretary. My hobbies include long walks by the beach, programming and studying. I come from a Colombian family and I was born there myself. I have a family of four, with my sister and I’m the one that handles stuff around the house.
Mateo Haydar

Mateo Haydar Doral Academy Charter High School

My name is Mateo Haydar and I am a junior at Doral Academy. Throughout my life, I have had a passion for public service and community involvement that has kept me constantly interested in seeking ways to stay involved in the community in one way or another. Tied to such involvement has been my interest in public speaking which has kept me involved in Model UN since middle school. Early in high school, I became a part of the Model UN board as secretary for the club where I scheduled and kept record of meetings, helped train new members, and gained further experience on parliamentary procedure. Following my term as secretary, I stayed on the board as treasurer of the club and, since, I’ve gained experience in organizing funds and in raising money for the club. Aside from Model UN, I am currently helping establish a chapter of Junior State of America at Doral Academy – a club affiliated with a national charter focused on debate and public speaking. I am also a member of National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and Future Business Leaders of America where I have further expanded my experience with dealing with money and fundraising. Outside of school, I am an intern for Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, an internship I’ve been completing for three years now and one which has broadened my interests in public service and community affairs. I am also a committee member for the Miami-Dade County Youth Commission, a youth advocacy body created by the Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners to work on issues pertaining to the youth of Miami-Dade County.
Daniel Iglesias

Daniel Iglesias Mater Academy High School

 Greetings fellow Doral College students, I am Daniel Iglesias and I am a crashing wave on the sunny beach-side, consisting of high tides and low tides that life puts all of us adolescents through at the worst times. But what makes a leader a “true” leader in these circumstances is being able to ride the wave and navigate through the journey and hardships we are placed in front of us, looking past them and overcoming them in search of bigger, better, and brighter opportunities. I am a sophomore at Mater Academy Charter High School and I hope to serve as a delegate on the Doral College Student Government Board. Aside from placing myself in a rigorous curriculum and substantial amount of work with the joint homework of my school and dual enrollment at Doral College and Miami-Dade College, I also step outside for what I consider to be what forges our best high school memories, clubs. I am an editor for the Key Club at my school, the president of my class (Class of 2018), and a secretary for HOSA. Additionally, outside of school I am a representative for my entire district as I serve as a Miami-Dade Youth Commissioner for district 12 and I am a secretary for Miami Mensa. When this immense amount of workload manages to slip my mind and I somehow have time for other activities, I enjoy spending time with my family and close friends.
Justin Quintero

Justin Quintero Doral Academy High School

Like most students I like to play Video Games and watch Netflix.I am really passionate about Politics. After I graduate high school, I would like to go to Florida State University and study to become an attorney. I love going out with my friends and just goofing off in general.


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