MyDoral: The New and Easy way to Login to your DC Accounts

What is MyDoral?

MyDoral is a single sign-on portal that you will use to login to all your Doral College accounts as of Spring 2017. The link to MyDoral’s login page is now active from Doral College’s portal.

About Your Doral College MyDoral Account

For Students: Your MyDoral account is linked with your MaestroSIS account. This is the account you created when you first applied to the college. Please use your Maestro credentials to log in to MyDoral. If you cannot find this login information, please contact the Support Help Desk.

For Faculty and Administrators: The MyDoral portal is linked with your Doral College email. If you are having troubles logging into MyDoral or your Doral College email please email the Support Help Desk.

Need Help?

You can find more information at the MyDoral Help Page. If you run into any issues with the MyDoral Portal please don’t hesitate to send an email to the Support Help Desk.

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