New Fall 2016 Admissions Requirements

In order to better comply with accreditation recommendations, Doral College will be implementing new admissions requirements, effective the fall 2016 semester. These requirements will apply to all applicants—both degree and non-degree seeking.

The following will be required for admission:

1.      Attend a high school with which the College holds an affiliation agreement;

2.      Hold an unweighted GPA* of 3.0 or above;

3.      Be recommended for the program by his or her high school principal/counselor; and

4.      Provide evidence of college readiness in all areas, as noted below.


*Incoming 9th graders who do not yet have a GPA on file may be considered for admission if they have completed at least two high school level courses in middle school with a “B” average. Courses taken must include, at a minimum, Algebra I. These students must still meet all other requirements as specified.


College Readiness Tests and Scores

As noted above, to qualify for admission to the College, students must provide evidence of college readiness in all areas. The following chart indicates all eligible tests which may be used to qualify and the scores required for each:


PSAT 44+ N/A 44+
SAT 440+ N/A 440+
ACT 19+ 17+ 19+
PERT 106+ 103+ 114+
ACCUPLACER** 83+ 83+ 72+


Should a student have taken more than one of the eligible tests listed, the College will consider all scores when making the student’s admissions decision. For example, if a student submits qualifying scores from the PSAT for Reading and Writing and a qualifying score from the PERT for Mathematics, the student would be admitted to the College, assuming all other requirements have been met.


Admissions Testing at DC

Beginning in the summer of 2016, Doral College will begin administering the ACCUPLACER** to interested students who do not otherwise hold qualifying scores.


Students should expect to take the following sections of the ACCUPLACER test:

·         Elementary Algebra

·         Reading Comprehension

·         Sentence Skills


ACCUPLACER testing will be available by appointment on the Doral College campus. Additionally, the College may provide a proctor to administer ACCUPLACER at affiliate schools wishing to test student groups of 10 or more.


For more information regarding ACCUPLACER testing, or to schedule students to test, please contact the help desk at


Additional Details

Students will still be required to apply for admission online and submit a PACE (Parental Agreement for Concurrent Enrollment) in order to enroll. Official transcripts and qualifying test scores may be submitted on behalf of a student by his or her affiliated school.

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