2018 SGA Candidates

Here you will find information on the candidates running for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. At the bottom of the page following the list of candidates is a link that will take you to the official ballot for the election. All candidate names are listed in alphabetical order

Thank you for voting and for making your voice heard!


Rachel Perez, Candidate for President

To be president of the Doral College Student Government, for me, is to have the opportunity to collaborate with the College’s personnel and other board members to create a better experience for the Doral College student. To make sure all their needs are meet and their opinions heard. Being President would allow me to lead a growing community, highly intelligent, highly ambitious high school students: to support them, to help them, to encourage them to pursue any endeavors they wish to pursue through Doral College; to give them all the opportunities they deserve.

Stephanie Riveron, Candidate for President

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie Riveron, I am a junior, and I am running for president of Doral College Student Government Association (SGA) for the 2018-2019 school year. For next year I am looking forward to be able to implement a program for an Associate in Science degree (which is currently not available) for students who are interested in pursuing scientific studies. In addition, I aim to expand the assortment of courses offered at the college to include classes like Organic Chemistry, Astronomy, and in various Engineering disciplines (like electrical, mechanical, and biomedical) amongst others. Moreover, I would like to maintain and enhance communication between the college administration and the student body so the needs of students continue to be satisfied and their voices heard. As president, I and my fellow board members would make these accomplishments possible for the upcoming year and for generations to come. This Friday, May 4 through Friday, May 18, vote Stephanie Riveron for Doral College SGA President! lists

Vice President

As Vice President, I hope to expand the services available to students, in the campus library and through the online Schoology platform. I am particularly invested in providing (stronger) tutoring resources, holding bimonthly seminars on different career paths, and opening a health center for mental health and awareness of public health topics. Additionally, I’m here to make 2018-2019 a smooth year we all enjoy! I can’t wait to participate in the planning that goes behind our luncheons, lectures, and graduation to make each event special. In collaboration with my fellow SGA officers, I hope to make next year a memorable one.

As Vice President I would be sure to maintain a clear line of communication with all the staff and its students. Senior year is very important and organizing events can be quite hectic. I am involved in several honor societies at school and even hold positions in some of them, therefore I believe that I have the experience to help organize these events. I created my own Silver Knights project and regularly conduct drives and events for it. I’ve been able to juggle all my responsibilities along with the various AP classes that I take and have been able to do so effectively. Being a part of SGA would be a great honor and I would love to ensure that everything is set up on time to make sure that senior year is as memorable as it can be.


As a student of Doral College and a member of the Mice Research program I’ve seen firsthand what DC does for us. We are the only high school students in the nation doing experiments like this, and it’s all thanks to the Dual Enrollment program with Doral College. This gives us an upper hand, an edge over other high school students, and allows us to gain experience in our fields. Hence, I’d like to give back. I pledge to put in the work necessary to help Doral College continue to provide students like me with the opportunities necessary for

success. From organizing events and social gatherings to just helping out in the office whenever necessary, I’m ready to put in the work as Secretary of Doral College and make next year a great year for all students


I have been Secretary for the Class of 2019 for Doral Academy since 9th grade and I would like to be equally involved with Doral College as well. Even though I am Secretary, everyone in Council does any task whenever needed so I have much experience with handling money and organizing fundraisers/events. In addition, I am also President of Key Club. Due to my love for Doral College and my experience, I believe Treasurer would be the position best fit for me and I hope you believe the same as well. I would like to go above and beyond next year and bring Doral College students together, no matter what school they are from, through different methods, such as meet & greets, brunches, study groups, college seminars, etc. I would also like to make the graduation for the Class of 2019 the best. I am excited for my final year as a Doral College student and I want to make it the best yet by being in SGA.

I ask for your vote for Treasurer of Doral College Student Government to collaborate with Doral College students and ensure they have the same positive, extraordinary experience, as I have. My experience volunteering as a receptionist at my local church, which required me to keep records of the church’s budget and collaborate with my peers, has allowed me to gain insight regarding financial control and organizational skills. Additionally, I am responsible, trustworthy, active, and a cooperative person, who is willing to bring innovative plans to the table and endeavor to make everything as

productive as could be expected. In the event that I’m given the chance to be next year’s treasurer, I will utilize the financial plan in a wise manner that would most profit the part to take it to the next level. I hope to work along the other board members with integrity and confidence to make sure we act as an encouraging voice for the Doral College community.


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