Registration & Transcript Services

Doral College currently enrolls dual enrollment students in its Associate of Arts program in Liberal Studies. Courses are offered in face to face, online, and hybrid formats, during fall, spring and summer semesters.

Current dual enrollment students may register for courses by meeting with their onsite Advisor. DE students are not permitted to register themselves. If you are not yet a DC student and would like to apply, please review our admissions policies.

Students should understand that enrolling in a course is a serious commitment, and are advised to drop/withdrawal from a course only when they have exhausted all other avenues and do not feel they will be able to earn a passing grade. In this case, a student may request to drop by contacting his or her academic advisor. The following guidelines apply:

Drop/Withdrawal Restrictions
Students should consider dropping a course only when they have no other alternative. Should a student drop three (3) or more courses within an academic year, he or she will be placed on an advising hold and will be unable to re-enroll until cleared by the Office of Admissions and Student Services.

A Drop/Withdrawal during the Grace Period (without DR grade)
For requests submitted by the “last day to drop without a DR grade” as per the academic calendar, courses dropped will not appear on the student’s transcript.

A Drop/Withdrawal with DR grade 
For requests submitted by the “last day to drop with a DR grade” as per the academic calendar, courses dropped will appear on a student’s transcript with a “DR” grade.

Faculty-Initiated Drop
A Doral College instructor may elect to initiate the drop/withdrawal process during the Faculty-Initiated Drop Period, as per the academic calendar, for a student registered for his/her course who meets any of the following conditions:
•    The student has failed to meet course attendance requirements,
•    The student has not passed a course pre-requisite, or
•    The student is not registered in a course co-requisite.

The College publishes an official Academic Calendar each year which lists all term dates, deadlines, holidays, and break dates.

Doral College’s forgiveness policy permits students to repeat a course in which they have received a grade less than a C, and then have the repeated grade computed in his/her GPA in place of the original grade, providing the repeated grade is higher than the first grade.

To request an official transcript, students should complete the required form and submit it to the Registrar via the Student Affairs help desk. Students should allow 1-2 weeks for receipt. Students may also request unofficial transcripts through the help desk for their own purposes.

Both unofficial and official transcripts contain the same basic information, including identifying items like the student’s full name, ID number, and address; and academic information like posted courses and grades, grade point average, and degrees conferred, if any. However, an unofficial transcript is generally printed on plain paper and may also lack other official features such as the college’s seal or registrar’s signature. It may also contain a watermark identifying it as “UNOFFICIAL.” Unofficial transcripts are generally used for planning purposes only and will not be accepted by other colleges for transfer purposes.

An official transcript is printed on security paper that is watermarked and cannot be successfully copied; and enclosed in a sealed, stamped envelope. An official transcript must remain in the sealed envelope until it is received by the institution or addressee, as it becomes unofficial the instant the seal on the envelope is broken.

You may have noticed Doral College’s official transcript has recently seen some big changes! As part of a recent system-wide upgrade, official transcripts now feature a more attractive landscape orientation design. Additionally, they now reflect a student’s program title, entry and print dates, and more detailed transfer information. Each official transcript also includes an updated transcript legend containing important information regarding licensing and accreditation, transferability of credit through the State Course Numbering System (SCNS), the new grading scale, and more. This legend is not included with an unofficial transcript.

Requesting your official transcript is easy! Student transcripts are housed in the Doral College student information system (SIS), MaestroSIS, and generated through the Student Affairs division. To request an official transcript, students should complete the required form and submit it to the Student Affairs help desk ( Students should allow 1-2 weeks for receipt.

Unofficial transcripts are now available to all students after each completed term of enrollment. An unofficial transcript is generated at the end of every semester in which the student was enrolled. Unofficial transcripts can be downloaded and printed. To view your unofficial transcript, login to the Doral College student information system and click on “transcripts” under the left hand drop down menu. Unofficial transcripts are typically available for view one week after grades have been posted.

Degree-seeking dual enrollment students should regularly send in updated transcripts from other colleges as well as exam score reports (AP, CLEP, etc.) to the help desk to ensure their records are updated in a timely fashion for the most accurate Individual Academic Plan (IAP). For more information on advising, visit Advising & Student Services, or view our Credit by Exam page for information on how exams are transferred in.

Doral College does not currently include in progress courses on unofficial or official transcripts. If you need proof of enrollment in current courses to send to a college or university, please send a request to with your name, Doral College ID number, and date of birth. You will receive an official  enrollment verification letter from the Registrar that you may use to reflect in progress enrollments until semester the semester closes and grades post.

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