Advising & Student Services

Doral College is committed to the academic success and personal development of each of its students, and offers a variety of services designed to meet the needs of its unique population.

Student Services personnel are available to serve students regardless of location. General inquiries should be emailed to the Student Affairs helpdesk. The help desk system works by generating a “ticket” each time an email is received. That ticket is then tracked to resolution to ensure the student’s issue is solved.

Individualized Academic Advising: Doral College provides academic advising toward the completion of its Associate in Arts degree. To speak to an advisor, see your onsite academic advisor or schedule a phone session for degree planning here. In addition, the following documents have been provided to help you plan your degree.

Additional student services provided by the College include:

Online Tutoring through Smarthinking: This extensive online tutoring service is available to all enrolled students, free of charge. Students may select from various options including drop-in tutoring, scheduled tutoring, and email questions. Additionally, students may use the writing center to receive targeted feedback on an essay or paper. Smarthinking access is available through any course in Schoology.

Academic Support Services: We also coordinate academic support and enrichment sessions, online support, student orientations, and assistance with specific courses or tasks.

Students with Disabilities: Our office also provides academic assistance and accommodations for students with disabilities who qualify. Students seeking services must provide appropriate documentation.

College Transfer Assistance: We assist students in transferring to other post-secondary institutions. Services offered include assistance with school selection, applications, and financial aid. Furthermore, resources for this area, such as college guides, are available in the library.

Career Exploration:  Doral College offers its students every opportunity to explore new interests. We help students research possible career options and related educational tracks, and provide assistance when seeking part-time or after school jobs. Furthermore, resources for this area, such as career handbooks and resume writing guides, are available in the library.

Psychological Counseling Referrals: Though the College does not directly provide psychological counseling, we provide referrals to students in need of such services through an agreement with the Goodman Center at Carlos Albizu University. Contact the student affairs help desk or the office directly for more information.

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