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What is MyDoral?

MyDoral is a single sign-on portal that you will use to login to all your Doral College accounts as of Spring 2017.

Your Doral College MyDoral Account

Students: Your MyDoral account is linked with your Maestro account. This is the account you created when you first applied to the college. Please use your Maestro credentials to log in to MyDoral. If you cannot find this login information, please contact the Support Help Desk.

Faculty: For faculty and administrators, the MyDoral portal is linked with your Doral College email. If you are having troubles logging into MyDoral or your Doral College email please email the Support Help Desk.

Navigating the MyDoral Portal

The MyDoral portal is set up to emulate a desktop environment. Links to applications appear as tiles on a pane. Navigation between panes is available in the bottom middle of the page. The first time users login, a tutorial will load to show basic functionality and navigation.

Setting up Single Sign-on for User Accounts

By default, MyDoral does not have your individual user account credentials. Users must enter credentials for other Doral College applications such as Schoology and Maestro SIS. Doral College library resources are accessible immediately upon account creation.

To store your credentials, MyDoral requires the installation of a plugin called “Webpass”. MyDoral will run a check on your browser each time you login to make sure you have webpass installed and if you do not will prompt you to do so. MyDoral and Webpass are provided by software called MyDoral. For more information about Webpass, see this page. 

When launching Doral College Applications for the first time, MyDoral will prompt you to enter in their username and password. Once credentials have been entered, you will not need to reenter them the next time you log in. If you inadvertently enter in the wrong credentials, you can go to Account -> Password Manger to reset stored passwords.

Setting up Password Challenge

The first time you login, MyDoral will prompt you to set your password challenge. This feature allows users to reset their password from the browser. To use this feature, you must set their password challenge through Account -> Password Challenge.

Adding your own Tiles

Did you know that you can use the MyDoral Portal to keep track of accounts you may have outside of Doral College? You can use the App Store located in the upper right navigation bar. The store is is made up of apps that have been configured to work with MyDoral and webpass. All apps are free of charge. You can browse or search through these apps so you’ll never have to remember more than one account’s information again.

Need Help?

If you run into any issues with the MyDoral Portal please don’t hesitate to send an email to the Support Help Desk.



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