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The Doral College Office of Admissions & Student Services is committed to the academic success and personal development of each student at the College. This office provides all students, including those solely enrolled online, with an array of support services designed to help maximize potential. The following section details services offered and lists the Office’s policies and procedures. For Admissions and Graduation information, please see those separate sections within this publication.
Individualized Academic Advising & Registration
All students enrolled at the College receive academic advising to assist with the registration process and ensure progress toward the Associate in Arts degree. An academic counselor meets with students at least once per semester to select and register for courses. The process is individualized based on each student’s academic plans, time constraints, and other concerns. All student registrations are approved by the Director of Admissions & Student Services.
Dropping/Withdrawing From a Course
Should a student wish to drop/withdrawal from a course, the following policies apply:

A Drop/Withdrawal during the Grace Period (without DR grade)
Students who drop by the “last day to drop without a DR grade” as per the academic calendar, may do so without completing a drop form. Requests may be submitted through the SIS or the student’s academic counselor. Courses dropped during this time will not appear on the student’s transcript.

A Drop/Withdrawal with DR grade
Students who drop by the “last day to drop with a DR grade” as per the academic calendar, must complete a drop/withdrawal form for submission to the Registrar. Courses dropped during this time will appear on a student’s transcript with a “DR” grade.

Faculty-Initiated Drop
A Doral College instructor may elect to initiate the drop/withdrawal process during the Faculty-Initiated Drop Period, as per the academic calendar, for a student registered for his/her course who meets any of the following conditions:
•    The student has failed to meet course attendance requirements,
•    The student has not passed a course pre-requisite, or
•    The student is not registered in a course co-requisite.

Furthermore, in the case of a failure to meet course attendance requirements, the instructor must have made a reasonable attempt to contact the student in question before initiating the drop/withdrawal process. Courses dropped under this policy will appear on a student’s transcript with a “DR” grade.
Academic Support Services
Live academic support and enrichment sessions, online support, and student orientations are available to all students. Information regarding tutoring times and locations, as well as faculty availability, is disseminated to students in a timely fashion.

This online tutoring service offers academic assistance in a variety of subject areas. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to all currently enrolled students. To access Smarthinking, students must log into the Doral College student account and select the Smarthinking login on the home page.

My Foundations Lab
MyFoundations Lab is an online service that provides students data-driven, personalized instruction designed to improve upon identified weaknesses. This service is used to assist students on Academic Warning and Academic Probation, and may be made available to other students by request.
Help Desk Options
In addition to the technical support help desk at, the College offers additional help desk services. For registration, student services, or student activities-related inquiries, students should contact For assistance with library resources, students may contact
Disabled Student Services
The College offers academic assistance and accommodations for disabled students who qualify. Students seeking services must complete the required paperwork, provide appropriate documentation, and attend a meeting with the Director of Admissions & Student Services to discuss accommodations.
Student Activities
The College strives to provide both co-curricular and extra-curricular student activities, such as clubs and events, to all interested students.
College Transfer Assistance
This office also offers assistance to students interested in applying to other postsecondary institutions to attend after the completion of the Associate in Arts degree. Services offered include assistance with school selection, applications, and financial aid.
Career Exploration
Doral College offers its students every opportunity to explore new interests. We help students research possible career options and related educational tracks, and provide assistance when seeking part-time or after school jobs. Furthermore, resources for this area, such as career handbooks and resume writing guides, are available in the library.
Psychological Counseling Referrals
Though the College does not directly provide psychological counseling, Office of Admissions & Student Services personnel can provide referrals to students in need of such services. The Office works with local organizations and community resources to ensure students’ needs are met.
Student transcripts are housed in the Doral College student information system (SIS), where all student information, including grades, may be viewed. To request an official transcript, students should complete the required form and submit it to the Registrar. Students should allow 3-5 business days for receipt.
Withdrawn Students
Students will be withdrawn from the College due to inactivity (i.e. failing to register for two semesters or more) or student request. Withdrawn students who left in good standing may petition for reinstatement by completing the appropriate form.


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