Students with Disabilities

In accordance with state and federal laws, the College provides accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure equal access to its programs and services. Students requesting accommodations should submit appropriate documentation (IEP/504 plan/psychological evaluation) to the Student Affairs department for review. If accommodations are determined to be necessary, the student will receive an Accommodations Notification Letter which the he/she must save and provide to course instructors at the start of each term.

Dual Enrollment students should keep in mind that laws and policies governing accommodations at the college level are different from those in the K-12 environment. For more information regarding the rights of students with disabilities, please see this resource from the Department of Education.

College Transfer & Placement Assistance

Doral College supports the post-graduation endeavors of its students. For example, students interested in transferring to other postsecondary institutions after the completion of the Associate in Arts degree are provided transfer services including assistance with school selection, applications, and financial aid. Given that this is not a terminal degree and is used most often for academic transfer, Doral College does not provide placement services in the traditional sense for the Associate in Arts program.

The College does provide career and placement assistance to graduates of its Bachelor program to assist them in making the transition to life after the College. Services include resume development and job skills workshops, practice interview sessions, job fairs, and employer-led information sessions. Students are also exposed to potential employers through their field experience and internship requirements, and should view these experiences as an opportunity to build relationships and showcase developing skills. However, Doral College does not make any guarantees of employment or salary upon student graduation.

Psychological Counseling Refferrals

Though the College does not directly provide psychological counseling, we provide referrals to students in need of such services. Contact the student affairs help desk or the office directly for more information.

Student Complaint Policy

Students have the right to be heard in matters where they feel they have a complaint against
College policy or personnel. The procedure for seeking redress is set forth in the College Catalog & Student Handbook here.

Complete and submit the Complaint Form to the party indicated in the Complaint Policy to file a student complaint.

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