What is the difference between an official and unofficial transcript?

Both unofficial and official transcripts contain the same basic information, including identifying items like the student’s full name, ID number, and address; and academic information like posted courses and grades, grade point average, and degrees conferred, if any. However, an unofficial transcript is generally printed on plain paper and may also lack other official features such as the college’s seal or registrar’s signature. It may also contain a watermark identifying it as “UNOFFICIAL.” Unofficial transcripts are generally used for planning purposes only and will not be accepted by other colleges for transfer purposes.

An official transcript is printed on security paper that is watermarked and cannot be successfully copied; and enclosed in a sealed, stamped envelope. An official transcript must remain in the sealed envelope until it is received by the institution or addressee, as it becomes unofficial the instant the seal on the envelope is broken.

How do I request an official transcript?

Requesting your official transcript is easy! Student transcripts are housed in the Doral College student information system (SIS), MaestroSIS, and generated through the Student Affairs division. As of Fall 2020, Doral College has transitioned to an electronic ordering transcript system through Parchment, our transcript fulfillment provider, replacing the paper form request process. This improvement in service is more secure and efficient, and will better facilitate transfer to other post-secondary institutions.

To request an official transcript, you will first be required to create an account with Parchment if you have not done so before. You should plan to supply either your DC ID number or your local high school student ID number so that we can more easily locate your records. Electronic and paper transcripts are $6.00 each. There will be an additional shipping charge for paper transcripts. Payment must be made via Parchment, by credit card.

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How do I view my unofficial transcript?

Unofficial transcripts are now available to all students after each completed term of enrollment. An unofficial transcript is generated at the end of every semester in which the student was enrolled. Unofficial transcripts can be downloaded and printed. To view your unofficial transcript, login to the Doral College student information system and click on “transcripts” under the left hand drop down menu. Unofficial transcripts are typically available for view one week after grades have been posted. Future courses for which the student is registered will also appear on unofficial transcripts. 

What if I need proof of my current enrollments?

Doral College now includes in progress and future courses on unofficial transcripts. If you need proof of a current or future enrollment that does not show on your most recent unofficial transcripts, please send a request to studentaffairs@doral.edu with your name, Doral College ID number, and date of birth and we will provide you an updated unofficial transcript for your records. 

What if I need to transfer credit in toward my degree?

The College accepts credit from regionally or nationally accredited postsecondary institutions and recognized Credit-by-Exam programs. No more than 75 percent of the degree requirements will be accepted toward any program from any source or combination of sources, for a total of 45 credits toward the Associate in Arts degree, and 90 credits toward the Bachelor of Science degree.

Doral College grants credit for AP, CLEP, AICE/Cambridge, and IB exams. Credit for passing scores on these exams will be granted in accordance with published Credit-by-Exam tables. Score reports must be submitted to documents@doral.edu for processing.

To request transfer credit for courses taken at another institution, students must first submit transcripts to Student Affairs for evaluation and processing. For courses taken at schools outside of the Florida State Course Numbering System (SCNS), additional documentation, such as course descriptions and or syllabi may be requested to determine equivalency.

Degree-seeking dual enrollment students should regularly send in updated transcripts and score reports to the help desk to ensure their records are updated in a timely fashion for the most accurate Individual Academic Plan (IAP). 

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