Breaking New Ground: Doral College's Biological Research Program Makes Its First Publication

Doral College's Biological Research Program has achieved remarkable recognition by being published in the prestigious International Journal of High School Research. High school seniors Isabel Perea, Sarah Lopez, and Costanza Fukushima as well as college freshmen Sneha Nair, Miriam Trujillo, and Roxanne Valle, embarked on an innovative project blending Chemistry and Biology. Their experiment focused on the impact of mixing nutritive oils with Buckminsterfullerene on cell longevity and regeneration in C57BL/6J mice.
This publication marks a significant milestone for the participants and is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Further, It showcases Doral College’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and innovation, providing students a unique chance to engage in collegiate-level research while still in high school. Offered at Doral Academy High School through dual enrollment special topics courses, the Biological Research Program is designed to immerse students in a setting that promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and hands-on experience. The program has been in existence since the college first opened in 2011.
Guided by biology instructor, Yunex Echezabal, who holds a Master’s in Molecular Biology from Clemson University, students in the program tackle complex scientific queries in a lab setting. This unique, first of its kind initiative prepares students for future academic pursuits, and cultivates emerging scientific leaders poised to make meaningful contributions to the field of biological research and beyond.
Congratulations to Isabel, Sarah, Costanza, Sneha, Miriam, and Roxanne on their incredible achievement! Their success serves as an inspiration to young scientists everywhere, demonstrating that perseverance and dedication can lead to exceptional outcomes.

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